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  1. What is the best (faster) brow […] BluesOn i use firefox,and it's fine!
  2. What is the best (faster) brow […] andonuts The current version of Opera just uses Chromium code for rendering, so […]
  3. variant of chess (kunfu chess) lakdrcjbj jeje my friend chicken (he is the best player on judo)
  4. Progression chart request EugeneJudo Would it be possible to add training and opening practice to that char […]
  5. Clicking the king, then clicki […] fandesport06 When you click the king, click anywhere and then click your rook
  6. Clicking the king, then clicki […] hbgb This has ruined two games for me now. If I click the king, then decide […]
  7. A doubt about Puzzles Easy Mode Tournaments For example, at 2000 I usually get served 1600-1800 for easy, 1800-210 […]
  8. A doubt about Puzzles Easy Mode Tournaments @3 Easy, medium and hard are relative to your own ratings.
  9. What is the best (faster) brow […] RyanTaylor When on a populated tourny page (on chrome), the chat often freezes up […]
  10. problem 21940 DVRazor This problem is bad in the first place because it doesn't accept Rxd2, […]
  11. problem 21940 Folichon I failed because of the last move, the problem require 4.a8=Q but 4.b5 […]
  12. What is the best (faster) brow […] Scala Thanks Thibault
  13. What is the best (faster) brow […] thibault Absolutely, both firefox and chrome are better. Try them out!
  14. What is the best (faster) brow […] Scala I've been using Opera but I wonder if there is a better one... Thanks
  15. What do you think about this game?? Panchines Hello. Thank you very much for your comments. I will try to implement. […]
  16. A doubt about Puzzles Easy Mode Toadofsky Honestly, I wish I could "seek" puzzles in a given rating range... may […]
  17. variant of chess (kunfu chess) Toadofsky #8 Agreed, the learning curve is incredibly sharp. I wish somehow it […]
  18. A doubt about Puzzles Easy Mode tiger2war For example, for a players like you, with Rating 2000, you just sele […]
  19. Advanced Search Filters casualr Correspondence. Currently it does not seem possible to search corre […]
  20. Advanced Search Filters Phyisis Just noticed this feature, very cool. However, some filters that would […]
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